SUPERHOTline Miami


Hotline Miami meets SUPERHOT


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SUPERHOTline Miami is an action game with a bird's eye perspective that combines the gameplay of two independently brilliant games: SUPERHOT and Hotline Miami. And considering that in both your objective is to shoot at everything that moves, the combo is an excellent one.

The gameplay in SUPERHOTline Miami uses SUPERHOT's basic gameplay (time goes super slowly when you stop), adapted to the overhead perspective of Hotline Miami. You have to kill all the enemies in each level using your fists, handguns, and shotguns, without them managing to shoot you.

The controls are really simple: the AWSD keys are used to move your character around, left-click to shoot, and right-click to pick up a weapon. Keep in mind that each weapon has a limited amount of ammunition and a set rate of fire.

SUPERHOTline Miami is a direct and fun action game. The graphics are quite rough, but the experience is brilliant. The only problem is that it's super short.
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